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It’s time to stop debating Australia Day and call it out for what it really is 

Matthew Rees / @MattRees99 Estimated read time: 6 minutes As someone who has recently moved to Victoria, I have actively immersed myself in the ‘Aussie’ culture. Pots and schooners of larger, rather than pints? Go on then. Salad on my Christmas dinner, rather than bucket loads of roast veg? Rogue, but I’ll roll with it. Describing…

How a higher wage changed my approach to work (and how it could benefit Britain)

Matthew Rees / @MattRees99 Estimated read time: 5 minutes Whilst studying at sixth form, I worked part-time as a waiter at one of Wakefield’s most popular pubs. It was horrible. I dreaded the sunshine, knowing half of the city would descend upon the beer garden and thus make the chances of a baby-faced waiter like…

Gearing up for match day: cocaine and the British football fan

Matthew Rees / @MattRees99 Estimated read time: 8 minutes Cocaine use is increasingly associated with football hooliganism and rising match day violence in Britain. I spoke to fans who use coke on game day from a variety of clubs to gain their perspective on the matter.  Normally the stewards briefing at Hillsborough is a mundane…

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